Length of class

Number of Learners



  • One hour
  • One hour and half
  • Intensive courses
  • One to One
  • groups
  • Al levels from beginners to advance
  • Business
  • Conversational Spanish
  • Specializing courses

Depending on the number of the students and commuting distance

Prices are per class. Paying in advance a group of ten classes will reduce the cost per hour class

What does it include?

An Initial assessment and any other ongoing assessments and final assessment (if required by the student)

Preparation for official test if required

The class include all the language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Grammar explanation content and cross cultural approach.

Hand-out materials.

Cup of coffee.

Note: Learners can also enjoy books and exercises available on the premises. In the near future we will have a collection of Spanish films.

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  • Alex Farrugia

    "As an upper intermediate level Spanish speaker I was looking to increase my vocabulary, use of expressions and practice my grammar. Claudia always made our time interesting by covering current affairs during the lessons. I found her background as a journalist and writer gave added depth compared with other teaching styles I have experienced and felt that the richness of my Spanish language benefited greatly as a result."

    Alex Farrugia
  • Elizabet

    Every week I look forward to my Spanish Lesson with Claudia. She is always prepared with work tailored to my needs. She has the ability to explain things clearly and simply. One of her strengths is her inexhaustible patience and willingness to give you thinking and processing time which is very much what I appreciate as an adult learner as well as valuing your efforts. Over the last six months I feel my Spanish has improved considerably with her.

  • Adrian

    "As a complete newcomer to Spanish and a pretty poor linguist I found the lessons I had with Claudia immensely rewarding. She never failed to bring good humour and patience to our sessions, I learnt a huge amount of useful everyday Spanish that I use to this day, I would recommend her to anyone contemplating the challenge".

  • Janice ( retired civil servant) 

    "I have been taking weekly Spanish lessons from Claudia as part of a small group ( 3 ladies who met whilst taking local authority classes a couple of years ago) since February 2013. I find her friendly, supportive and very enthusiastic about empowering her students to have the confidence to use their knowledge in conversation and in reading /translating every day texts. Since having Claudia as a tutor I find that my proficiency and general understanding of Spanish grammar has increased greatly and I feel far more confident to speak in Spanish now.  Unlike the more rigid tutoring that I have experienced previously  find that Claudia automatically adjusts her planned coverage of any particular topic according to the needs of the students and how the session is going so we do not move on until she is happy that we have understood what we have covered "

    Janice ( retired civil servant)